- South Florida's Portal To The Waves Since 2000!

The community started in 2000 and is all about promoting the South Florida Surfer, Culture and Lifestyle.

Since 2000 has been one of the top internet destinations to get the surf report, be seen and see your friends.

The three main components of have been and will continue to be:

1. The Home Page With A Featured Surfer (since 2000!)
2. The Surf Report Page - Which is A Surf Resource Aggregate
3. The Unrivaled Surf Gallery - Allowing The South Florida Surfer to be seen since year 2000.

Something else worth mentioning is that was the FIRST SURF SITE on the Internet to have an automatic picture submitter (yes.. even before!). We call it the Autosubmitta. This tool allows surfers to create their own surf gallery from the comfort of their home instantly. As long as each picture is under 200kb in size, within minutes a surfer can see his/her pictures online and ready to share with family and friends. If you have surf pictures you want to see online, then give it a try! It is totally FREE and it was created for you.

As a community website is for you South Florida. Use it, promote it, be part of it and most of all enjoy it.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you come back often! Team.


SurfXTC remains and will always be the original and first major Internet media presence to have a focus on South Florida surfing.


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