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The Rules of Surfing

The Rules: Based on safety and common sense.

1. Wave Ownership: The person closest to the breaking part of the wave has the right of way.

2. Dropping In: Dropping in is taking off on a wave in front of someone who is already up and riding. Don't do this. Ever.

3. Paddling out: If you are paddling out and see someone dropping in, GET OUT OF THEIR WAY. Sometimes that means eating it while you in the white water. Just do it. Wouldn't you want someone to get out of your way if you had a good ride going? On anther note...If you see that someone is obviously in your way, hold back, and do not drop in, possibly hitting them.

Am I missing a rule? Let me know here

Surf Boards

A used board is generally your best bet when starting out. Chances are good that you're going to ding it up anyhow. Shoot for a longer one, somewhere around 6' - 7'+. General rule of thumb states that the longer the board, the easier it is to learn on. Use common sense when selecting a used surf board. If looks too beaten up, then it probably no good; also be cautious if its looks too new and seems like an overly good deal. It may be water logged, or dealing. Best bet, bring a friend who knows what's up.


Once upon a time, boards had no leashes. If you lost your board, you swam to shore. Only the best surfers could venture out to some breaks because losing your board could mean the destruction of you or your board. Surfers were stronger swimmers and more all-around watermen. It also meant that there were loose boards flying all over the place at some breaks.

For good or ill, those days are gone. Just a word of advice for the beginner: Treat your leash as if it were not there. Do not rely on it to always bring your board back to you. If the section you're riding starts getting gnarly, pretend you're going to have to swim to shore if you bail.


Wax is something that you are going to need. Any kind is good to start out, and in time you will form a preference of your own. Most of the time if you ask nice, your local surfshop owner will hook you up if you buy something from his/her store. Plan on spending at least over $10.00; to ask for something free and spend any less is just plain rude.


Traction is not a necessity, but it can be an added plus if you ride a short board. For some traction allows for smoother turns, use of less wax on the board, and added support when completing tricks and maneuvers. There are many kinds on the market. No one kind is better then the other, this like wax comes down to personal preference. The recommendation here is to pick a traction pad which looks best on your board. If you don't happen to have an eye for color and coordination, grab a friend who does. I'm sure your buddy will have you looking like a champ!


Mandatory... Unless you want to look like a prune by age 30, get use to wearing it. If your surfing in Florida, South Cali, or anywhere the sun can be real bad, you want to put on a minimum of a number 15. Use common sense, if it sunny use a higher number, its not use a lower one. The key to remember is to NEVER go out with no sunblock on. Even if its just a 3 or 4, you skin will thank you!

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1. Florida Surf Lessons:www.FloridaSurfLessons.com
2. South Beach Surf School: www.SouthBeachSurfSchool.com
3. Cocoa Beach Surf Camp: www.CocoaBeachSurfCamp.com

SurfXTC Visitor Added Rules


1) Duck Diving by Clifford

If whenever possible, don't bail off your board when duck diving! Push the nose down and commit!! You never know if someone is tring to paddle out behind you, or if someone is coming down the line. There is nothing worst than seeing someone's board coming at your face when your tring to get out in the line up!

2) Wave Breaking Right by Nick

If a wave is breaking right, dont try going left or collisions will occur or vise versa, Especially at a crowded break. Also if a wave looks like its gonna break on you it probably will, don't paddle into closeouts if all possible unless that is all available. Last don't hog all the waves, give some others a try and relax and surf.

3) Don't Be A Dick by Kent

Don't Be A Dick. Surfing is all about doing what we love and having fun. The last person anyone wants in the line up is someone who thinks they own the place. Be cool with the most experienced ripper as well as the kookiest learner; we've all be there no matter how long ago it was. If someone has a nice wave, its ok to give a hoot, even if you don't even know the person. It is a sign of mutual respect. If you've got to bail on a wave because of someone paddling out, relax, when you pop up they, in all right, should apologize, tell'em its all good and paddle back out. There will always be more waves.

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