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The South Florida Music Scene Is Filled With Lots Of Local Talent! <<

Once the sun goes down after a full day of surfing be sure to make your evening
complete by checking out one of the local bands listed below.
It is important to support your local music scene!

SurfXTC.com supports local music.

If you know of a South Florida band or musician with a website
that is not on this list then please let us know.

Local South Florida Bands / Music Artists

Baboons, The
Band Reunion, The
Bernsen, Randy
Big City Band
Big Sky
Blind Tigers
Blue In The Face
Blue House
Blues Therapy
Broken Idols
Buddha Gonzalez
Gary Camblin and Recess
Albert Castiglia
Crazy Fingers
Dean & Lee
Dean Madonia
Dharma Bomb
Dot Flash
Drum Cat
82nd Street Band
Eric Knight Band
4th Dimension
Franklin, Brian - Noetaman
Frog & Flower
From The Grave
Fullpower Jazz
Garage Star
Joey Gilmore
Goods, The
Groove Thangs
Hiller, Magda
Holy Rollin' Hellfires
House, Darrell
Human Factors
Jazz Survivors
Jeff Geist Trio
Jeffrey B. & Company
Julian days
Justa Head
Karlzen, Mary
Lady 'A' Blues Band

Livid Kittens
Bradford Lieberman
Little Atlas
Mac Daddys

MacDonald, Rod
Billy Marcus
Martinez, Hugo
Maslak, Keshavan a.k.a. Kenny Mill
Miami Steel & Percussion Orchestra
Mickey's Ickies
Monster Zero
Paris by Air
Paul, Dana
Pawn Rock Four
Piddle Corn
Porchdogs, The
Project C
Raiford Starke
Ramirez, Bobby
Reby, Jane Margo
The Regulators
Ritmo Caliente Del Caribe
Riverside Dixieland Jazz Band
Rock Bottom
Rollin River Band
Roub, Paul
Santana Tribute Band
Shadow Screamers
Silver Nightingale flautist
Simple Kill
Skunk Ape
Solar Time
Space Hippie
Sunny Got Money

George Tandy
Time and a Half
Valerie C. Wisecracker & The Walkin' Catfish

Music Downloads
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 Places to Download Music (rated 1 - 5 star)
 www.Kazaa.com **** this one is good but tons of advertising and spy ware
 www.Limewire.com * one word: sucks
 www.Napster.com * waste of time
 www.Bearshare.com ** blah
 www.musiccity.com (morpheus) *** this one is pretty good - similar to Kazaa
 www.WinMX.com *** a good one from what we can tell
 www.iMesh.com **** - the best one we think - the advertiseing can be disabled...

-- South Florida Radio Stations --
Music Type
Rateing 1 - 5 star
88.5 College Radio -- Depends on the time of day Fort Lauderdale & Miami ****
94.9 Hispanic Hip-Hop Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami ***
103.1 Rock - Alternative Palm Beach &
Fort Lauderdale
93.1 Hard Rock Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami ****
96.5 Dance, and Hip-Hop Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami **
100.7 What ever MTV says is popular Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami *
105.9 Classic Rock Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami **
98.7 Classic Rock Palm Beach, &
Fort Lauderdale

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